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Funky Gibbons

Funky Gibbons is a vertical scrolling arcade game to be made as an application for Facebook. The game has been original designed for Adobe Flash CS3 and I was commissioned to make fun, cartoon styled vector graphics for the background, pick-ups, character and interface. These graphics included a starting point, trees, and level edges for the background art. The pickups were a variety of food items and a few others, such as bananas, ice creams and clocks. The character, a monkey, had to be made up in different parts so that the arms and legs could stretch and move with rag doll physics. The graphics for this game have now been finished.

The concept of the game is a remake of the principle gameplay in “Rainbow Island”, a platform game made in the 90s. The gamer has to make their way up the level by grabbing onto pegs gathering as many points as they can on the way, whilst killer water steadily rises. If the monkey is caught by the water before the level ends, then they lose a life or lose the game. The game certainly has an environmental message to it. There would be obstacles make the ascent up the level more difficult the monkey has to be “twanged” like an elastic band from one peg to another. Put too much power into the “twang” and you could be in serious trouble!

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