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Nightblade is an amateur conversion project for Unreal3’s engine. It is designed as a remake to the original Unreal Tournament’s popular conversion “ThieveryUT”, which was a game I used to play regularly. Currently as a member of the team I have contributed to the project by regularly providing environment models, a number of which have been showcased in the portfolio section, such as the grandfather clock and the piano. Once the necessary models have been made, we will move on to designing and creating levels.

The concept of the game is influenced heavily by Thief, a single player game where you had to sneak around mansions stealing precious valuables from under the guards’ noses. However, neither Thief nor its sequels catered for those wanting a multiplayer service. This modification of Unreal3 will provide this audience and others with a rare made for multiplayer sneak-em-up game that will both play well and look great. Check out Black Cat Games’ homepage in the links section for more details.

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