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When the RPG Maker series started out in its early days on RPG Maker 95 I began to take an interest in making RPG games. Over the course of a number of different franchise instalments I started to focus more on the pixel graphics than the actual game making and by the time RPG Maker XP, one of the later instalments, was released I had become adept at making useful sprites for amateur games. Instead of focusing on creating a project, I instead opted to create a number of large, well suited and highly versatile background tilesets for other creators to take advantage of after I’d noticed that a world map tileset had been omitted by the artists for the game making package.

RMXP Tileset The result of lots of hard work was three huge tilesets that racked up over 10,000 different tile pieces that would be used to create a game. Included in the set was a world map and a town indoors and outdoors. The sets included many precise details allowing the users to create much more than these three simple things and provided them with enough adaptability that they could use the tilesets for all sorts of scenarios.

RMXP Tileset The tilesets became hugely popular within the RPG Maker community and also spread further through to other amateur game making communities for different nationalities. The tilesets have currently been downloaded over 100,000 times and are still being used for many amateur game projects being made today. These tilesets can be downloaded from RPG Palace.

Note that the skyline in the above picture and the character sprites on the large scale tileset examples in the portfolio section are placeholders and not my own wor

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